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Building Muscle Women – Training And Diet Tips Whether we are thinking about building muscle women or muscle building for men, it is har...

Building Muscle Women

Building Muscle Women – Training And Diet Tips

Whether we are thinking about building muscle women or muscle building for men, it is hard to imagine another sport where such an enormous time is spent in contest preparation.
It requires a massive effort to build the sort of muscle structure that bodybuilders need, as they search for the perfect physique. In terms of building muscle women need to take a different approach because they have a different metabolism and anatomy. This applies whether you are doing bodybuilding as a sport, or are simply looking to increase your strength for everyday activities.
A female is unable to develop the massive muscular bulk of a male bodybuilder without taking chemical substances, and the vast majority of women are naturally not interested in doing this.

Building muscle for women still involves eating high-protein foods, lifting weights and taking natural, healthy supplements.  Women who adopt this approach will have great body conditioning and well-defined muscles, but they won’t reach the size of a male following a similar path.

Women’s bodybuilding has gone through different stages over the years.  Early on it was all about enhancing the natural female shape.  Then it shifted towards emulating male bodybuilders, to the point where some of the female bodybuilders looked very much like men because of the steroids and other drugs they were taking.

The pendulum has now swung back towards a more natural female look, but with more emphasis on strength than in the early days. A good example of building muscle women is the figure that Linda Hamilton developed and used for her role in the movie Terminator 2.

Weight Training Program For Women

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Whatever the physique you want to create, building muscle women must include resistance and weight training. Typically this means working each muscle group in the body to exhaustion once a week.  Since women have a different upper and lower body shape to men, they need to use a different exercise program.

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A weight training program for women involves putting more effort into developing the abductor and adductor muscles in the thighs, as well as the hip flexors. Women also use squats and biceps/thigh curls to strengthen their hamstrings and quadriceps, as well as calf raises. In terms of strengthening the upper body, building muscle women requires working on their arms, back and shoulders with machine or bench presses, machine and dumbbell flies, and shoulder presses. Arm strengthening work also involves exercises such as dumbbell and arm curls and triceps press-downs.

Building Muscle Women – Nutrition and Diet

Appropriate nutrition is also essential for building muscle women programs. The typical energy intake for a bodybuilding diet is made up of 40% complex carbohydrates, 25% protein, and the remainder from fibre and fats.  This sort of diet allows the body to rebuild stronger tissue after intense workouts.

A woman involved in muscle building should use supplements such as protein powder and milk, eggs, and amino acids to aid the  metabolisation of protein and burning of body fat. Liver and kelp tablets are good for a protein boost, while wheat germ oil can be used to increase endurance and energy levels.

For many, competition is the aim of women’s bodybuilding and building muscle women. As women’s bodies have a different shape, their display techniques differ to those used by men. Men tend to emphasise the strength of shoulders, back and arms, while women’s poses are usually more graceful and aimed at showing the overall body strength and shape.

As you can see, building muscle women is similar to men’s weight training, but it has specific features that any women can use to increase her strength, health and confidence.