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If you are looking for advice on how to lose stomach fat for women , it helps to have an appreciation of how fat accumulates and the rol...

How To Lose Stomach Fat For Women

If you are looking for advice on how to lose stomach fat for women, it helps to have an appreciation of how fat accumulates and the role it plays in our health.  As we reach middle age, deposits of fat may start to gather around our abdomen and lower back.  A common term for this is the ‘middle age spread’. This is partly due to hormonal changes, but also to the fact that we tend to become less and less active as we get settled into a family life and career.

Understandably, no woman likes it when they start to put on excess weight.  Apart from no longer being able to fit into our clothes, it doesn’t do anything for our sense of self worth. Even more importantly, though, it can have serious effects on our health.  In this context, working out how to lose stomach fat for women is very important because none of us want to increase our risk of getting heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and various organ problems.

There are actually two kinds of abdominal fat.  Visceral fat surrounds the abdominal organs and intestines. The second type is ‘subcutaneous’ fat, which lies just beneath the skin and which you can grab with your hands. Visceral fat is more dangerous to our health. So it is not just for appearances’ sake that we really need to learn how to lose stomach fat for women.  By doing so, we will also greatly improve our health and general quality of life.

Fortunately we can easily get rid of both visceral and subcutaneous fat by exercising and being selective about the type of food we eat.  This will help our bodies to burn up any excess abdominal fat.

Exercise helps in two ways – it speeds up our metabolism and increases the amount of muscle we have, both of which are really helpful in losing belly fat for women.

How To Lose Stomach Fat For Women – Eating The Right Foods

Many people think that simply reducing calorie intake is the answer for how to lose stomach fat for women.  However this can be counterproductive because we are genetically ‘programmed’ to store fat when our bodies are being starved. Bearing that in mind, a reasonable level of energy intake aimed at fat reduction would be about 1800 to 2000 calories per day.

Keeping a diary of what we eat is also a useful idea when we are considering how to lose stomach fat for women, because this allows us to keep track of the calories.  Make sure to steer clear of refined carbohydrates such as pasta and white bread, because these will unbalance your blood sugar levels. Sugar is even worse and should be avoided. 

It is best to use a lot of protein because this gives a slower energy release. Fish and poultry are good. Natural, unprocessed vegetables and fruits are also good for us because they don’t contain preservatives and other potentially harmful chemicals.  Make sure you keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum because it also adds unwanted sugar and carbohydrate to your diet.

When you first start your ‘how to lose stomach fat for women’ program, cut back your carbs to about 50 grams a day.  As you get nearer to your weight target you can slowly increase the amount of carbohydrate until you stabilize your weight at the maintenance point.

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Exercising to Lose Abdominal Fat

When you start your exercise program for losing abdominal fat, the protein intake should be about 25% of your calorie intake.  You can eat eggs, and organic meat including unprocessed chicken, fish, beef and pork.  Beans and other legumes are also another great source of healthy proteins.

Don’t try and use soy as a total protein substitute because it doesn’t match up biologically with our body proteins.  You would have to eat an enormous quantity of it to obtain the amino acids that are required for metabolizing fat and building muscle tissue.

Use resistance and strength training to increase your muscle mass to help you burn fat more effectively. Remember that muscles actually use up three times more energy than if you were carrying around the equivalent weight in fat.

It is also a good idea to bear in mind that although cardiovascular exercise is essential for a healthy body and weight reduction, the main focus in terms of how to lose stomach fat for women should be to build muscle tissue to increase fat loss.

Speak to a trainer at a local gym or fitness centre about what exercises they can recommend for how to lose stomach fat for women, and you will be surprised at how fast and enjoyable it is reach your ideal weight.