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Medical science tells us that losing belly fat for women is very important because belly fat is one of women’s biggest health hazards. Thi...

Losing Belly Fat For Women

Medical science tells us that losing belly fat for women is very important because belly fat is one of women’s biggest health hazards. This is particularly true for abdominal fat that accumulates around the internal organs.

Some of the illnesses that are linked to belly fat are diabetes, strokes, heart problems, high blood pressure and some types of cancer.

Belly fat can become a problem for both sexes if eating and exercise habits are poor.  Increasing age also plays a part, as the body’s metabolism starts to naturally slow down and women enter menopause. However, losing belly fat for women is still achievable and beneficial, regardless of age.

Losing belly fat really comes down to 2 simple things – diet and exercise.  These may sound almost too simple, but they really are the secrets to losing belly fat for women. And if you can make a personal commitment to working on these 2 things, you WILL get rid of that belly fat for good.

The good thing about working on your own program for reducing stomach fat is that it will also remove fat from other areas of your body.  This is great news because if you have excess belly fat you will also have excess fat elsewhere.

Losing Belly Fat For Women – The Importance Of Diet

A really important thing to remember with any diet is that if it is too extreme your body will actually start to store fat to protect itself.  In fact a starving person with a very low calorie intake will start to lose muscle weight before they lose their residual fat.

So your diet should match the requirements of your age, body shape and gender so that your organs, cells and body functions work properly.

For example, a 50 year old woman of average height needs about 2,400 calories to stay at the same weight, and about 1900 calories to reduce weight in a controlled fashion. A 70 year old woman will need about 6% less calories because their metabolic rate is different.

A really useful tool to help in losing belly fat for women is a calorie counter, because you will be surprised at the calorie content of many foods.  It is easy to download a counter from any one of a large number of sites on the web.  You can then plan your diet based on the maintenance level for your age, body type and gender.

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Another bit of good news for women who want to lose belly fat is that your weight loss will accelerate as your muscles become stronger through increased exercise.  Numerous studies have shown that regular muscle use burns up fat much faster than just dieting alone.

Losing Belly Fat For Women – Strength And Resistance Training

A strength and resistance training program is essential for building muscles to help in losing belly fat for women. If you are just starting out, it is sufficient to use body weight resistance exercises; that is, without lifting any weights. Once your strength starts to improve, you can start exercising with weight machines or free weights such as dumbbells and barbells.

Here are some great starting exercises for body conditioning to help in losing belly fat for women:

Losing Belly Fat For Women
Walking – To get some core body conditioning into place, it is hard to go past 30 minutes of brisk walking every day, especially for beginners.  As your fitness improves you can start walking faster, or even jogging if you are comfortable with that type of exercise.

Pushups –These are great for building upper body strength for women and don’t need any fancy gym equipment. Start by lying face downwards with your hands at shoulder width, then keep your body aligned while pushing upwards until your arms are fully extended.  If you are a beginner, start with your knees on the ground, and as you get stronger, make ground contact with your toes instead.  Keep training until you can do 25 pushups.

Body Twists – Stand erect with your hands on your hips. Twist your body to the left then to the right, and keep developing your workout until you can do 100 twists.

Free standing squats – Stand erect with your feet slightly apart.  Extend both arms out in front of you, then squat down until your thighs or upper legs are parallel with the floor. Build your training repetitions up to 100 squats.

Calf Raises – Stand with your toes on a stable piece of wood about 2 inches high. Rise up on your toes as far as you can, hold for two seconds and then lower slowly back down until your heels are in contact with the ground.  Build your repetitions until you can do 100.

Once you have mastered these exercises designed to get you started with losing belly fat for women, you can join your local gym or fitness centre and ask a trainer to help you with a more advanced weight training program that will maintain and improve your condition.